On Tuesday the 23rd of July 2019, we proudly announced the transition from SE Solutions to “Steampunk” as our new company name! It’s a name chosen to convey creative confidence, strength, and growth, and to evoke a bold and diverse cultural connection with all of our employees, partners, clients, and communities. It symbolizes the collision of humans with technology; a retro-futuristic name that will Stand Out among our peers in the industry. It respects the past and inspires our future in a memorable way to both our company and our clients. You’ll notice a new tagline as well, “DESIGN. DISRUPT. REPEAT.” a simple, but powerful phrase that represents how we solve our clients’ greatest challenges. Human-centered Design (HCD) will be at the core of a new methodology that all of our employees will apply to become more connected with our clients and to excel as a team and in each person’s individual role. Together, it creates a distinguishing, creative, and nimble, brand that embodies our core values and sets us apart from the “sea of sameness”.