Program Managememt Supervisor

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Aug 18, 2020

Job Description


SAIC is seeking a Program Management Supervisor in Kabul, Afghanistan


Individual in this position may expect the following:

  • Responsible for successful delivery of the ANDSF CIED program, manage performance, and integrate activities in accordance with contract requirements and ensure technical, schedule and financial performance. 
  • Manages risk, customer relationships, and program staffing. 
  • Ensures compliance with quality standards and escalate challenges to SAIC leadership. 
  • Support business development and program staff management.
  • Sets duties and schedules of subordinate employees. 
  • Uses standard, well-defined processes, procedures, techniques, or tools.       
  • Possesses developing leadership and management skills that require mentoring and feedback from supervisors.
  • Escalates program issues to management for assistance.
  • Provides input on performance reviews, compensation-related actions, and staffing and hiring recommendations. 
  • Overall coordinate all training support packages, POIs, Terminal Learning Objectives (TLOs), lesson plans, exams, assessment materials, student handbooks and task guides to RS CIED for review and approval prior to finalizing and executing training.
  • Ensures site leads continuously evaluate the ANDSF Local National instructors at all ANDSF training institutions in order to improve the overall effectiveness and quality of the courses of instruction.
  • Ensures that site leads maintain training records on each student that illustrate their performance to date in their assigned duties and identifies the POIs that they are proficient in. 
  • Provides input to the monthly status report.  Upon graduation of any course, forward to SAIC manger and prime in country manager the graduation names for that course or training event. 
  • Track students that drop from courses.  Coordinates with RS CIED to establish a priority of work in the development of programs of instruction and training materials. 
  • Ensures that site leads are using previously developed, approved and printed POIs, training materials and field guides for all training conducted. Develops updates as required.


Experience Requirements:

  • Served as an E-7 or higher in the US Army OR joint service equivalent combat engineer OR an EOD technician.
  • High school diploma or GED equivalent
  • 2+ years’ experience in Afghanistan training ANDSF
  • Demonstrated 3+ years developing and executing training to include at least 1 year experience in train-the-trainer development.
  • Possess demonstrated 3 years of military experience in operational and high threat environments to include not less than one year of experience in each of the following:
    • EOD,IEDD, RCC, CIED, HHMD, robot operations and repairs as well as all aspects of EOD/CIED mission planning, reporting, evidence collection, evidence submission, and after action review processes.
    • Current counter-IED operations in Afghanistan areas of operations to provide relevant and responsive advice and recommendations.
    • Countering IEDs (defeating the system and focusing on predicting and preventing an IED attack).
    • Training processes to counter IEDs to include operational/ tactical and staff/leadership programs.
    • Counter IED search techniques.


Active secret clearance