Knowledge Engineer

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Chantilly, VA, USA
  • Dec 29, 2020

Job Description


JOB DESCRIPTION: Provides direction to the Journeyman Ontologist and ensures survey data is represented in the data models, either through identifying existing data models or developing new data models. Uses text analysis to better understand collected survey data and where it fits in the Data Model(s).  Provides an effective and constantly maturing KM solution that leverages new strategies and approaches.  Creates and organizes Data repositories for storing survey data and other documentation. Improves efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge.  Coordinates and collaborates with the Team to identify, create, curate, audit, and maintain currency of knowledge articles and knowledgebase.  Documents, organizes, and shares Survey data and articulates information to the Team.  Provides detailed analysis, evaluation and recommendations for improvements, optimization development, and/or maintenance efforts.  Ensures known errors and issues impacting customer experience are captured in the knowledge base, including any identified and documented workarounds to reduce resolution times. Ensures data formats and data values are consistent with Data Model(s).  Ensures extracted data and are normalized to entities and attributes in the Data Model(s). Ensures Data model is consistent and follows open standards such as RDF/OWL and SPARQL.


TYPICAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelors and eigtheen (18) years or more experience; Masters and sixteen (16) years or more experience; PhD or JD and fifteen years or more experience