Test Conductor

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Greenbelt, MD, USA
  • Jan 22, 2021

Job Description


SAIC is seeking a Test Conductor on the OMES II contract in support of the integration and test campaign of the OSAM-1 program in NASA’s Exploration and In-space Services Division (NExIS) at Goddard Space Flight Center. This position is located in Greenbelt, MD.

This position is temporarily remote due to COVID-19.

The OSAM-1 mission is a Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) NExIS managed mission. OSAM-1 is a robotic servicing mission designed to refuel a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. It contains 3 elements: the Flight Element comprised of the OSAM-1 Servicing Vehicle (RSV) and development testbeds, the Ground Element comprised of the systems required to conduct RSV operations and the supporting networks and facilities, and the Launch Element comprised of the Launch Vehicle and supporting facilities and services. The NEXIS is responsible for the design, engineering, development, test and operations of the OSAM-1 Mission through an integrated team at GSFC. The Servicing Payload design, development and RSV integration will be conducted at GSFC.


The engineer will provide test conductor support for the OSAM-1 Integration and Test subsystem. The OSAM-1 I&T subsystem performs the integration and test of all OSAM-1 hardware including the servicing payload and spacecraft bus. The OSAM-1 mission is seeking test conductors to support the OSAM-1 servicing payload test beds and flight I&T at NASA GSFC.

Job duties include:

  • Support the integration and test of all OSAM-1 subsystems
  • Responsible for the development and day-to-day operations of the testbed
  • Provide expert advice and support during the entire life cycle of test development
  • Assess complex issues and recommend resolution to the team and management; implement resolutions
  • Develop the technical, operational, and functional requirements as well as the interface agreements of the servicing payload testbeds
  • Ensure that the quality, accuracy, and integrity of the I&T technical documentation, reports, and deliverables comply with NASA and OSAM-1 standards, project plans, and policies
  • Support environmental testing
  • Write and review testing procedures
  • Plan test campaigns and write test scripts
  • Write work order documentation for test activities
  • Support and execute test activities, including operating the test console during testing
  • Work in lab and cleanroom facilities with hardware, ground support equipment, and test equipment
  • Develop telemetry and command graphical user interface pages



  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, or closely related field with 5+ years of related experience
  • Experience with hardware integration and test, system verification and validation, and/or systems engineering, preferably at NASA or in aerospace
  • Experience in executing tests, including functional testing (front-end, back-end, and performance testing)
  • Experienced at authoring and maintaining documentation
  • Proficiency in resolving technical and schedule issues in order to ensure that deliverables are met on schedule
  • Experience generating and overseeing development of telemetry and command graphical user interface pages
  • Experience in testing and writing automated tests, test development, managing test runs, tracking test results, troubleshooting, and measuring progress
  • Proficiency in exercising discretion and independent judgment in evaluating potential approaches and solutions to critical problems and determining appropriate resolutions
  • Proficiency in recommending deviations from established policies and procedures
  • Ability to attend to assignments with only limited direction
  • Ability to obtain/maintain NASA Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) certification (GSFC-SH-ESDCO300 300-PG-8730.6.1A*). English proficiency is required to successfully complete the required training and pass testing (written and/or hands-on) to obtain NASA ESD certification.


  • Understanding and application of standard principles, theories, concepts and techniques in aerospace systems engineering
  • Experience in system integration and test of spacecraft or flight instruments
  • Experience troubleshooting complex systems using various types of test equipment
  • Experience handling and testing engineering units and flight hardware
  • Knowledge of or experience with System Test & Operations Language (STOL)
  • Knowledge of or experience with Advanced Spacecraft Integration & System Test (ASIST) software
  • Experience with NASA mission life cycle and review cycle (design reviews, requirements reviews, integration reviews, trade studies, etc.)
  • Proficiency in advising management, inside and outside own organization, on system architecture, technical results, or risks