Modeling and Simulation SME – C2/C4I

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Apr 01, 2021

Job Description


SAIC is seeking qualified candidates to support the US Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) program.

AFAMS is the premier agency responsible for implementation, integration, and development of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) and training and analysis standards that support the US Air Force (USAF), Department of Defense (DoD), and mission partners requiring these capabilities to support the Warfighter in full-spectrum operations. As the lead agent for M&S within the USAF, AFAMS gathers requirements, seeks out potential solutions, and integrates legacy and emerging M&S solutions across the USAF and the DoD. The USAF has an M&S initiative that focuses on providing simulation and synthetic training as the critical capability to augment live training, act as an enabler for critical decision-making, and enhance human performance. In the current resource constrained environment, demand for M&S rises with the continuously evolving need for operational readiness and mission preparedness across the USAF, DoD, and with coalition partners. AFAMS focuses on providing innovative M&S services as the key to meeting this demand.


The role of this position is to support the Warrior Preparation Center (WPC) in Einsiedlerhof AS, Germany. The M&S SME – C2/C4I will:

  • Provide M&S services and support for all federations for the Warrior Prep Center’s Command and Control/Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C2/C4I) models  and systems in preparation for, during, and after events, including but not limited to:
    • Training of augmentation personnel;
    • Testing;
    • Configuration management;
    • Functional/operational support;
    • System integration;
    • Troubleshooting/debugging;
    • System software and hardware support; and
    • Database development, modification and maintenance (including but not limited to unit, terrain, visual and entity databases) 
  • Events refer to all activities that require C2/C4I M&S services or support to include:
    • Exercises;
    • Mission rehearsals;
    • Threat, functional, operational and integration tests; and
    • Training missions
  • Identify and submit innovative M&S solutions to enhance existing capabilities
  • Experience working in a distributed environment using both DIS and HLA protocols
  • In-depth knowledge of Windows and/or Linux system administration and scripting
  • Experience developing engineering network solutions and technical diagrams, as well as providing port and protocol information for specified systems
  • Experience working in a virtual computing environment


Required Education and/or Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a comparable computer related or IT degree, 5+ years of M&S and/or technical work experience
  • Security + certification
  • Experience using networking tools such as Redsim: Joint Simulation Protocol Analyzer (JSPA), DIS-Filter, JLVC Analysis Workstation (JAWS), Wireshark and Netlink
  • Familiar with Oracle database management and experience with Structured Query Language queries.  Familiar with the following C2 systems: TBMCS, Tactical Data and Connectivity System (TDACS), Sirus, and Air Defense System Integrator (ADSI), Global Command and Control; System (GCCS)
  • Familiar with VMWare, and the creation and use of virtual machines
  • Experience working in both a Joint Live Virtual Confederation (JLVC) and JLCTTC environment
  • Experience working with a JLVC tree router and Real Time Infrastructure (RTI)
  • Strong understanding of IA, with experience in remediating scan findings as they apply to STIG compliance
  • Understanding of TCP/User Datagram Protocol network communication.

Desired Familiarity with the following: 

  • Should be a SME in at least two of the following systems, and familiar with all of the following systems: AWSIM, Genis, GIAC, ABS, CSI, NGTS, ACE-IOS, JCATS, LOTS, JTLS, MUSE/AFSERS, ViPRS, MACE, SGS, ASTi, iSIM
  • Shall be highly proficient in and shall possess all the necessary certifications and credentials needed to effectively operate the M&S federations, models, systems and their associated components.

A fully adjudicated Secret (NATO Secret eligible) clearance is required for this position.