ATEPS FAA - Finance Analyst Sr

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Washington, DC, USA
  • Apr 01, 2021

Job Description


The candidates must have NAS experience, and be familiar with the FAA’s Acquisition Management System (AMS). The Contractor must support the FAA in performing the following program management activities in support of the ATO:

  • Developing the Resource Planning Document(s) (RPD) and CIT Workbook(s) with constant updates
  • Update and manage Spend Plan(s) for each program
  • Update Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management (OPPM) tool with monthly EVM data reporting
  • Provide monthly updates for current year SRIRE Business Performance Goals (BPG) into the SPIRE tool and develop the draft BPG for the following year
  • Develop draft White sheet(s) for the following year OMB Budget submission
  • Provide monthly dashboard updates of SPIRE Performance Metrics
  • Update the monthly (Major IT Business Case) MIBC data (Projects and Activities) in the CIMS tool
  • Update the Annual OMB IT Budget Submission (MIBC)
  • Address all questions regarding capitalization efforts for ATO baselined programs and submitted the program homogeneous unit cost to finance.
  • Provide contract affordability analysis for Major contract change Proposal(s) for PRIME Contract
  • Prime contract invoice Payment(s) for PRIME contract.
  • Provide cost and funding reconciliatory support to ATO and external programs.
  • Utilize Cuff record system for tracking and monitoring acquisition status, funding, implementation and closeout.
  • Process all Project Authorization (PAs) for ATO Programs using Corporate Work Plan
  • Process all Purchase Requisition (PRs) for ATO Programs
  • Reconcile modification of PRs with ABP-350, F&E Capital Budget Execution Branch
  • Budget formulation and execution
  • Monitor expiring funds
  • Handle all inquiry on Service area funding: process pullbacks and refresh of funding
  • Prepare monthly Program Financial Reports for monthly meeting(s)
  • Process all request(s) resulting from the monthly PRIME funding reconciliation meeting
  • Assist in Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) management.
  • Assist in schedule development and maintenance.
  • Provide program plan development and maintenance assistance.
  • Provide technical input to support Project and Program Management Best-Practices.
  • Assess performance shortcomings, develop improvement recommendations, and implement change.
  • Provide business input to support preparation of work breakdown structures (WBS), budgets, financial status documentation, charts, briefings, and schedules.
  • Establish and maintain the organization, procedures and processes to maintain and control the project schedules of the CIP, the objectives of the FAA Flight Plan.
  • Provide business input to support procurement forecasting, acquisition planning activities and the preparation of the annual procurement plan.
  • Provide input for the development of Acquisition and Procurement Plans.
  • Provide non-inherently governmental support for contract administration activities to include input for Model Contract documents, technical input for acquisition package documents, prepare procurement requisitions at the direction of the FAA, and input for contract modification packages.
  • Analyze Contractor performance data.
  • Conduct analysis to compare milestone performance against the network logic schedules established in the Master Program Schedule.
  • Analyze planned activities and identify critical paths.
  • Prepare program status reports and affordability assessments.
  • Provide technical input for the development of Requests for Information or Market Surveys.
  • Provide technical input for the analysis and screening of FAA information requests, either from other FAA organizations or from exterior stakeholders.
  • Perform cost and schedule risk assessments. Sources of information that can be used for cost and schedule risk identification include system engineering documentation, lease-buy analysis, life-cycle cost analysis, schedule networks, schedule analysis, baseline cost estimates, requirements documents, lessons learned, trade analysis, and technical documentation.
  • Provide recommendations for safety risk management mitigations.
  • Assist in the development of the products required for investment analysis phases of the ATO.
  • Provide program data management for Program Management Reserve Tracking and Reporting.
  • Provide technical input for program planning documents such as screening information requests, agreements, or cost estimates.
  • Provide technical input for the development of program plans and implementation strategies.
  • Provide technical input for the development of agreements such as Directorate Level Agreements (DLA), Service Level Agreements (SLA), Interagency Agreements (IA), Memoranda of Agreement (MOA), Other Transaction Agreements (OTA), and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between FAA Program Offices and other FAA/Federal/state/local government agencies, airlines, and private organizations.
  • Perform business process re-engineering, including development of As-Is Analysis, To-Be Analysis, and Alternatives Analysis, to make recommendations for improving existing processes and procedures related to the ATO.
  • Assist communications management, internally within the FAA and externally with stakeholder organizations and Government oversight organizations.
  • Provide program and technical input for the FAA development of responses to audits and external organization oversight in support of program and executive leadership. This activity must be input only, as the final work products will be developed by FAA Federal staff. The activity includes program documentation review, management, and feedback.
  • Documentation could include advisory circulars, handbooks and manuals, enterprise architecture products and amendments, program requirements documents, initial business case, plan for final investment analysis, etc.
  • Assist in managing and tracking technical and program requirements.
  • Support and coordinate ATO business plan development, maintenance, and reporting.
  • Assist in Joint Resources Council (JRC) documentation preparation.
  • Support briefing development.
  • Record and distribute meeting minutes and tracking action item follow-up.
  • Prepare for and participate in meetings, including weekly tactical and strategic meetings, internal program reviews, and sector reviews.


TYPICAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelors and six (6) years or more of related experience; Masters and four (4) years or more experience; PhD or JD and zero (0) years or more experience.

Experience with FAA, NAS, AMS, F&E, JRC may be considered in lieu of years of expereince.

US Citizenship required with the ability to obtain and maintain a Public Trust clearance.