Domain SME (SE3)

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Annapolis Junction, MD, USA
  • May 07, 2021

Job Description


JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for monitoring and sustaining Analyst operational systems. Analyzes system requirements and liaises with design and development activities. Provides technical leadership for the integration of requirements, design, and technology with development and operations for each tool suite. Incorporates new plans, designs and systems into ongoing operations. Guides system development and implementation planning through assessment or preparation of system engineering management plans and system integration. Interacts with the Government regarding Systems Engineering technical considerations and for associated problems, issues or conflicts. Responsible for the technical integrity of contractor work performed and deliverables associated with the Outreach area of responsibility. Communicates with other program personnel, government overseers, and senior executives. Responsible for providing customer support. Responsible for collecting requirements and feedback for existing capabilities.  Derive lower-level requirements from higher-level allocated requirements that describe in detail the functions that a system component must fulfill, and ensure these requirements are complete, correct, unique, unambiguous, realizable, and verifiable.  Evaluate new technology open systems for enhancing product features for improved interoperability capabilities.  Generate alternative system concepts, physical architectures, and design solutions.  Participate in an Integrated Product Team to design new capabilities based upon evaluation of all necessary development and operational considerations


TYPICAL EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Bachelors and ten (10) years or fourteen (14) years total engineering experience; Demonstrated hands-on experience with tools and capabilities required.