Program Management Executive Officer

  • SAIC, Inc
  • Springfield, VA, USA
  • Jun 15, 2021

Job Description


Overall Assignment Description:

The Source Commercial Business Office SCCBE Branch require a Functional Special Advisor (FSA)/Executive Officer to advise Source Leadership on some of the most demanding issues facing Source to include: transformation (cultural and structural) foundational planning, policy, governance, and business functions.

Duties may include:

  • Provide insights and advice regarding governance, data, products, and services within the Source Directorate.
  • Support Source leadership on Cross-Group integration, goals and objectives metrics and tracking support, and emerging programs and projects.
  • Assist in formulating strategic initiatives related to Source and Source Groups and teams to include metrics collection via direct information seeking, web properties and product instrumentation.
  • Provide assessments to identify effective Source Initiatives, team dynamics, governance topics and processes.
  • Support in the development of strategies to improve Source future vision and mission activities to gain a better understanding of our customer’s needs.
  • Assist in identifying measures, actions, and initiatives required to achieve the Source strategy and objectives, and measures.
  • Assist in the development of business processes and plans required to govern, collaborate and coordinate across Source and NGA.
  • Provide an advanced understanding of content management policies, practices, tools, and capabilities supporting data discovery and dissemination.
  • Advise Source senior leadership of potential points of integration for processes, topics, activities (internal to Source and across NGA)
  • Provide insights to areas of potential attention required, personalities, behaviors, potential of functions and staff
  • Provide advice on technical topics of various efforts in Source and external that can improve Source mission and help to meet imperatives
  • Advise NGA executive leadership for the coordination and integration of activities that span the IC to ensure that outcomes are achieved.



  • Graduate degree in with 20+ years of work experience.
  • Demonstrated experience in IC strategic planning to include content management and web presence vision and policy implementation.  
  • Demonstrated experience working with multiple data sources to analyze and compile potential outputs based on customer requirements.
  • Demonstrated experience with strategic continuous service and developing process improvement plans.


  • Certified as a Program Manager (PMP).